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$1010 + GST Stud Fee

Live foal guarantee

70 + Casanova foals

Breeding a Friesian Sporthorse – Paddock Service.

Casanova stands at stud in South Head, Auckland, and is also available at stud in Wainui for certain periods if requested (extra fees apply). A paddock service is the simplest and most natural method for both horses. Shoes are removed from the mare, and she is brought to a serving paddock alone, and when in season. The mare has the chance to familiarise herself with her surroundings and the lay of the land before Cass is brought to her, and from there, they follow a normal courtship procedure.

Stallions bred naturally in this manner are far more mindful and careful of their mares, because they have to win the approval of their ‘mate’ first. It is an impressive spectacle to watch, and after initial introductions and some showing off on both parts, they will usually settle down to get to know each other. Mares who have been bred before are usually very quick to stand, and enjoy the freedom of their own choice and free will, rather than being roped or held in any way.

AI Service – $175 + GST Collection Fee

For breeders located outside of the Auckland region, AI is available. The mare is usually scanned and her dates chosen or predicted carefully, with notice given within 24 hours of when the straws would like to be used. AI is also a usually stress-free and easy procedure, and if you are interested, please give us a call. There is an extra fee of $175 + GST paid direct to the vet who operates the AI collection equipment.

Breeding fantastic warmbloods.

We are located in South Head, Auckland, offering AI and paddock serving for people wishing to breed a top quality Friesian Sport Horse. Cass was imported from Holland as a 2yo.

Since then he has mainly spent his life as a herd stallion in the Upper North Island.
He is broken to saddle, shows natural talent for collection and great willingness.
He passes on his classical baroque looks, stunning personality, strong bones and conformation to his progeny.