Melody (out of a TB mare)

This is the beautiful Melody by Casanova out of a TB mare.
In her owner’s words:
“She has the most amazing personality and is super honest with everything she does.
She is really mellow and easy to do anything with. She’s brilliant on the roads, ORDs, beach, forest, jumping and has done an endurance ride. I ride her in a halter and bareback in the forest and her behaviour is faultless. She’s jumped 1.15 easily (and jumping terrifies me). The endurance ride was just for experience for her but she came within the qualifying time easily with a good low heart rate that the endurance officials were really impressed with. She is bold and very eager to please. I can race around a racetrack on her leading 2 other horses from her (all three cantering). I can jump her 1.15 then take off her saddle and put two beginner riders on her doubling bareback to cool her off. She is ridden bitless, bitted, halter. Has super barefoot hard hooves. Definitely takes everything in her stride. Her movement is to die for. I’ve never ridden a horse that makes the sitting trot so easy like hers, I can trot her bareback easily. Her canter is amazing, very powerful and smooth. Her jump is scopey, very steady and feels super safe.
I love Melody so much. I would definitely get another one of her siblings if I could.”
*Image kindly provided by owner
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